Looking for content on mental health and emotional wellbeing?

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The SE Partnership Group have facilitated two major conferences and two series of local training events between 2016 and 2019 under the 'BOOST' banner.

In 2016-17 we explored mental health and emotional wellbeing, then in 2018-19 we have been working through issues relating to identity including additional needs and physical disability and issues surrounding gender and sexuality.

The SE Partnership Group are currently working together to explore our 2020-21 programme, likely focusing on equipping the children's and youth workforce, be they paid, volunteers, church leaders or parents/carers, on how to effectively share their faith with the next generation.

Watch this space as details about the 2020-21 venue, speakers and booking process are finalised.



The South East Partnership Group

A collaboration of missional agencies, colleges and churches ministering to children and young people in the South East; bringing change by working together. The BOOST Conferences and Events to date have been facilitated by Moorlands College, the Red Balloon Foundation, Urban Saints, Scripture Union, the South East Baptist Association and the Diocese of Rochester.