The BOOST Conference 2016 was held at the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street on 11th October 2016 exploring the themes of spiritual health and emotional wellbeing in children, young people and leaders, featuring keynote speeches and talks from leading practitioners from across the UK. Over 160 people from all over the country attended and receiving input that was described as challenging, innovative and inspiring. We are pleased to make audio recordings of the day available here.


Dr Kate Middleton (Mind & Soul / Hitchin Christian Centre):

- Keynote Talk on Emotional Wellbeing in Children & Young People

- Seminar on Stress & Anxiety

Revd Dr Sally Nash & Revd Paul Nash (Midlands CYM / Birmingham Children's Hospital)

- Keynote Talk on Spiritual Wellbeing in Children & Young People

- Seminar on Contemplative Practices


Dr Sam Richards (Oxford CYM)

- Seminar on "Knowing Your Limits"


Ian McDonald (Diocese of Oxford)

- Seminar on Discipleship & Spirituality

- Interlude: "Rediscovering the Spiritual Discipline of Giggling"

Ian Henderson (Visible)

- Seminar on Online Health

Sarah Long (Diocese of Winchester)

- Seminar on Identity & Wellbeing